Older Work I Dug up from the Pre-Digital Wayback

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Above,some REALLY old character layouts from Disney's Rescue


 Above, facial expression models and turnarounds on several characters for "The Revelation" for BADR Ltd. at Rich.

Above,some preliminary character design/cleanup samples for "Rabbit Hill" ,a project at Rich that was never produced.

King and I, Trumpet of the Swan and Swan Princess II

Samples of model design/cleanup work I did while at Rich Animation (1993-2001)

I didn't keep a lot of my 'King of the Hill' stuff ( I worked on the last two seasons)as we revisionists were not working digitally, and our scenes were handed in right away once completed. What I did happen  to save were a few reference sheets I created from some of my color xeroxed board revisions.
Yup-- We worked on Post-Its!:)

Also came across these of  the K.O.T.H. character Bill-- my revisions with director's ruff .