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Work Experience

  • Warner Bros TV Animation, Burbank,California    
    Storyboard Revision
    "Lego DC Girls"
    (Plus two other as yet unannounced TV shows) 
  • Disney Television Animation, Burbank, California.
    Storyboard Revision  "The 7D" Season 2
  • Splash Studios(formerly Moonscoop/Mike Young Productions), Woodland Hills, California. Storyboard Revision "Kulipari:An Army of Frogs" Netflix Action Adventure series based on the books by Trevor Pryce

  • Disney Television Animation, Burbank, California. 
  • Storyboard Revision  "The 7D"  Season 1
  • Series for Disney Jr./Disney XD premiered July 2013
  •  Titmouse, Inc, Hollywood, California.
    Storyboard Revision "Randy Cunningham, 9th grade Ninja"  Series for Disney XD- Premiered Fall 2012
  •  Wildbrain Animation Studios, Sherman Oaks, California
    Storyboard Revision“Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown” TV Special/DVD, Warner Bros 
  • Wildbrain Animation Studios,Sherman Oaks,California,
    Story Board revision“Monster High” Webisode Series
  •  Drudog Productions,Tarzana,California 
    Rough Animation Asst..Special Sequence "Family Guy" (Herbert and the German-Old Guy Fight)
  • Rough Animation/Assist.,Special Sequence"Family Guy"(Road to the Multiverse)
  • Film Roman/Starz Entertainment , Burbank, California Storyboard Revision “King of the Hill” Primetime Television Series, Fox
  •  Delfino Entertainment, Burbank , California
    Storyboard Revision, Character Layout, Limited Animation, “Eddie and the Squid” Television Pilot
  • Universal Cartoon Studios, Universal City, California.
    Rough Assist. Animation /IB “Curious George” Feature (release 2006) 
  •  Disney Toon Studios , Burbank, California.
    Freelance Storyboard Revision/Cleanup “ My Friends Tigger and Pooh ” Presentation Animatic
  • Tom T. Animation/G7 Studios, North Hollywood, California
    Key and Asst. Animation, "Son of the Mask" Feature-
    Animated Sequences (by Eric Goldberg and Tom Sito)
  •  Disney Toon Studios (Special Projects), Burbank, California
    Character Layout , "The Cat That Looked at a King" 
    Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary DVD Extra
  •  Powwow Productions, Santa Monica, California,
    Assistant ( and rough inbt.) Animation, Commercials – Dodge Minivan featuring Disney’s Timon and Pumbaa 
  •  Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Sherman Oaks, California • Rough Assist/ Inbetween, "Looney Tunes : Back in Action" 
  •  Sim-Ex Digital Studios, Santa Monica, California
    Key and Asst. Animation, Commercials, Keebler Cookies 
  •  Powwow Productions, Santa Monica, California
    Assistant ( and rough inbt.) Animation, Commercials—21st Century Insurance 
  •  Steamroller Productions, Santa Clarita, California
    Assistant Animation, Theatrical Title Sequence. "Austin Powers Goldmember" (Sequence not used in final release) 
  •  Duck Soup Studios, Santa Monica, California
    Key Assistant Animation- Freelance, Various Commercials , including Keebler Cookies, Fruity Pebbles, Gamesa Snack Cakes(Latin Market)
  •  Rich/Crest Animation, Burbank, Calif. 
    Supervising Key Asst. Animation, Character Design, Character Layout, Sheet Timing, Theatrical Features–"The King and I" ( Morgan Creek), " The Swan Princess"(Nest Entertainment) Direct-to Videos- 1. "Living History Biographies" "Animated Stories from the Bible"( both series for Nest) 2. "Swan Princess II”, “ Swan Princess III"(Nest) "Trumpet of the Swan"(Columbia Tristar) 3. "The Prophet" BADR, Ltd. 
  •  Calvert-Cobbler Productions, N. Hollywood, Calif. 
    Key Asst. Animation, Theatrical Feature-"The Thief and the Cobbler"(U.S. Unit) 
  •  Kurtz and Friends, Burbank, Calif.,
     Key Asst. Animation, Theatrical Title Sequence–"Honey, I Blew Up the Kid!"(Touchstone) 
  •  Kroyer Films, Van Nuys, Calif. Key Asst. Animation, Theatrical Trailer- "Arrow" (Silver Pictures/Warner Bros.) 
  • Cool Productions. ,(Ralph Bakshi) Burbank, Calif. Asst .Animation, Theatrical Feature-"Cool World"(Paramount) 
  •  Chuck Jones Productions, Studio City, Calif.
    Supervisor-Asst. Animation, Theatrical Feature–"Stay Tuned"(Animated Segment-Morgan Creek) 
  • Kroyer Films, Van Nuys, Calif.
    Key Asst. Animation, Theatrical Feature-"Fern Gully-The Last Rainforest"(Fox) 
  •  Cornell-Abood at Filmfair , Studio City,Calif.
    Asst. Animation, Layout Cleanup, Various Commercials including 'Super Mario' for MacDonalds
  •   Warner Bros. Classics, Burbank, Calif
    Key and Asst. Animation, Theatrical Short–"Box Office Bunny", "Bugs Bunny at the Academy Awards"
  •  Klasky-Csupo, Inc.,
    Character and Background Layout, Television Series-"The Simpsons"

  •  Prior to 1990, employers include : • Disney Feature Animation (Key and Assist. Animation 1988-1989) • Kurtz and Friends (Asst. Animation) • Disney TV (Char. Layout Subcontract,) • Filmation (BG Assist. Layout /Character Design/Prop Design, Key Asst. Animation) • Hanna-Barbera, ( Assistant Animation )
Groups and Associations:
  • Proficient in PC and MAC platforms 
  • Extensive experience in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, basic Photoshop,basic Flash
  • Education: BFA, University of Southern California 
  • Current Board Member/Elected Trustee: Animation Guild IATSE Local 839
  •  Location: Los Angeles Area
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